Eli Kerr Buddies


Eli Kerr Buddies

Eli Kerr has shaped our family and our friends in many ways. He is one of the reasons DSNO exists. The birth of Eli and Megan Schiedler brought our founders Renee and Paula together.
Eli is warm, caring, selfish, driven and outrageous all in the same hour. His brother Turner likes to take him to college frat events because he is the biggest chick magnet on campus. His sister Nellie Kay and her roommates call him from college at least once a week to face time with him on the IPad. That is today. Over the last sixteen years Eli was more of a terror than an angel. He was very difficult as a young boy. Adhd coupled with his driver personality and inability to speak clearly was a formula for frustration for Eli and all around him. This is where DSNO comes in. DSNO Mom's coffees gave my wife Renee a place to share her experiences and to gain the perspective of others. Dad's dinners provided a place for me, the Dad, to talk with other Dads. Many times Dads are forgotten in this process. Whether it is right or wrong most Dads see their job as the one person to fix things. Fix the car, fix the lawn furniture, put up the basketball hoop, etc. Down syndrome cannot be "fixed". The impact of this realization is profound. DSNO gave me a place to talk with other Dads.

Athletics on a scale where kids like Eli can be successful is extremely important. Exercise has a significant impact on ADHD. DSNO LO Fit class has been wonderful.

These are just a few of the many programs our generous sponsors - our "Buddies" have provided thru their financial support of the Buddy Walk. So please join our team and become an Eli Buddy!

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