Eli Kerr Buddies


Eli Kerr Buddies

First - Thank you for your support!
A brief ELI update: Eli worked at Lindsey's Lemonade Stand again this year. He moved from helper to making lemonade! Big step for Eli - all made possible by the owner William Head. Lindsey's is Eli's first official summer job. He is a tubing fanatic and has started taking water-ski and wakeboard lessons. Eli plans to start snowboarding this winter. Speech is still a major struggle for Eli and several of his buddies. We plan to bring additional resources to families needing speech therapy this year.
I am sad and embarrassed to say I really did not grasp the scope of Eli's challenges until eight or nine years ago. It finally occurred to me that Eli's daily experience was as if you dropped me into a foreign country where no one speaks or understands English. If you have traveled abroad you know that is fun for a day or two but then it gets frustrating. When you try to ask for directions or express yourself, jealousy, anger or anything else the net result is intense frustration. I thought Eli was a “big pains in the you know what!” When I finally got a grasp of his challenges I became much more patient. Compounding the speech issues we found that Eli needed glasses and finally found out just two years ago that his hearing is bad enough to require hearing aids. All of this, speech therapy, glasses and hearing aids has all helped Eli tremendously. All of this coupled with an exercise “Boot Camp” run by Mike Huber for kids with challenges have changed our lives.
We do not need additional Buddy Page contributions for Eli or any other family with the means to provide for themselves. We do need them for the families; many of them single parent households, who do not have the resources to assist their children. For families that are financially and emotionally “just hanging on” you can be a lifeline. Please donate at the level comfortable for you. To give you a guide
$25 one Boot camp session
$100 Evening of respite for a family
$125 one speech therapy session
$350 one month of “Boot Camp”
$500 one month of Speech therapy
$1250 one week of summer camp
$2000 Sponsor speech therapy clinic for families

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